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About us

About us

Our Values

1. Customer focus

2. Trust

3. Integrity

4. Reliability

5. Precision

6. Personal service

7. Responsibility

8. Professionalism

9. Quality

10. Openness

11. Innovative

12. Technology supportive

Your International Insurance Broker

Why we are different

When it comes to insuring business risk, demand the unrivalled global insurance expertise combined with responsive, personalisd, local service that only NACORA can provide.

Specialised expertise - Personal service

Let our experts analyse your risk exposure and customise an insurance solution to not only secure your business assets but maximise value by delivering best-in-class, comprehensive coverage - anywhere in the world.

With 42 owned offices in 30 countries around the globe, Nacora International Insurance Brokers is uniquely placed to cater for all your global requirements.

Nacora safeguards your business by:

  • Identifying and quantifying risk exposure
  • Controlling and reducing risk
  • Developing risk profiles
  • Minimizing and controlling costs
  • Protecting human and physical assets, reputation and market share
Managing your risk is our business.

Our mission

Establish Nacora as a global commercial insurance broker with a clear focus on marine and transit insurance. To provide specialised cargo insurance solutions to industry sectors  of logistics, retail, food and beverages, power and energy, aid & relief logistics, life sciences and pharma, manufacturing, distribution, media and technology  with a high level of commitment and personal service.

As a Client, what are your advantages?

We are international and all around the globe

Whatever your insurance requirement in any territory globally, Nacora is able to service your needs. Nacora has its own network of offices in thirty countries with strong partnership agreements with professional insurance brokers in other territories that we do not have a physical presence.

Identifying and quantifying risk exposure

Our Clients rely on us to effectively identify and quantify their risk exposure by working closely with the business to understand the key drivers and deliverables that are important to each individual Client

Controlling and reducing risk

Once we understand our Clients business we can aim to establish best practice to control and/or reduce risk, ably supported by a cost effective and robust insurance programme to protect the balance sheet of the business

Protecting human, physical and intangible assets

At Nacora we understand the importance of protecting all areas of your business, whilst no one wants claims and litigation to arise, when it does, you can be safe in the knowledge that your insurance programme will support you.

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