Directors & Officers Liaibility

The Nacora Group utilizes its network in over 40 offices located in 30 countries. We specialize in offering our clients Admitted policies/local policies as mandated in many countries to provide the best local protection to insured Directors and Officers.

Public companies, Not-for-profit, and Private entities look for D&O coverage to allow 'Board of Directors' protection in the management of their companies while seeking long term growth.

Reputation, image, branding, and financial security can be enhanced through D&O coverage. Negative earnings announcements, takeovers (hostile), employment practices (EPL - wrongful dismissal), securities trading (insider), audit (accounting - misrepresentation), and bankruptcy (government obligations) are just some claims that can come before a Board. Directors and Officers Liability policies address these concerns and more.

Details of Coverage

We work with all industries, including Mining/Exploration, Revenue-producing companies, Charities, Manufacturers (global product recall) and many others.

Retired former Directors and Officers are also covered for the period they served so long as the policy remains in force to us, providing additional comfort.

Enhancements include expanded definitions, Side A coverage, extended reporting period, run-off's, and protection for subsidies.

Nacora is there to work with you, understand your company and industry and provide you with customized solutions. Our underwriters are worldwide and we can offer multiple quotes in a timely manner, competitive in price and broad in coverage.

Claims Coverage

These are just some of the coverage's provided in D&O policies. Nacora has access to worldwide markets for all kinds of risks and can customize your specific needs for any industry.

  • EPL coverage for directors, officer, employees and entity.
  • Entity vs. Insured Exclusion, replacing insured vs. insured exclusion.
  • US Securities Exclusion (Carve out for Pink sheets)
  • BI & PD exclusion uses “for” language,
  • Non Rescindable Side A
  • 100% defence costs
  • Side A excess $ 1M
  • Investigative Costs Extension $ 250K
  • Extradition Coverage
  • Payment of Loss ( 100% Defence Costs)
  • Deletion of Principal Shareholder exclusion
  • Subsidiary 35%
  • Pollution Exclusion Amendment Side A loss carve Out
  • Modified Conduct Exclusions (Final Adjudication)
  • Fiduciary Liability Coverage Amendment
  • IPO Reporting Amendment (30 days)
  • Corporation vs. Insured Person Amendment
  • Entity Coverage Amendment
  • Amendatory Endorsement.
  • Bill C-45 endorsement (provides for defense cost coverage for criminal proceedings, securities claims)