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Let the Specialist Care for Your Specific Insurance Needs…

Every business involved in international or domestic trade needs to protect itself from financial losses arising from damage and/or loss to cargo in transit.
Theft, pilferage, water damage, fire, explosion, crushing or puncturing and containers washing overboard are all examples of the perils cargo faces on its journey. 

The National Cargo Security Council estimates the financial impact of cargo losses exceeds $50 billion annually. Cargo losses should be considered regular events and not extraordinary or unusual. 

Eighty-three percent of all cargo losses are preventable. Thirty-three percent of the preventable losses are theft, pilferage and non-delivery and, 17% are unpreventable loss and/or damage.  

NACORA’s clients can expect their interests to be protected with the appropriate diligence and technical ability, from first contact to conclusion of insurance contracts.

Nacora Services and Customer Benefits

  • 30 years in trade related insurance business
  • 25 Offices in 20 Countries
  • Backed by ‘A’ Rated Insurers
  • In-house underwriting authority
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Superior customer care around the globe
  • Expedited claims service worldwide
  • Evaluation and legal advisory service relating to transport contracts
  • Advanced Claims Solutions

Specialty Transport Coverage

  • All commodities
  • All carriers
  • Sea and Airfreight
  • Overland Rail/Road
  • Project Cargo Shipments
  • International Forwarding
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing

The Policy

  • “All Risk”:  Physical loss or damage during the normal course of transit; inclusive of General Average payments.
  • Warehouse to warehouse coverage
  • Policy endorsements added to suit the supply chain and commodity
  • Shipment limits to indemnify the total loss
  • CIF + 10% reimbursement for physical loss and/or damage
  • Premium payment options

Claims System: Nacora e-insurance System

Nacora’s on-line, advanced claims solution offers 24/7 global access to policy information for all assureds through a standard web browser. 

  • The system has capabilities for instant issuance of negotiable
  • Electronic certificates of insurance as well as automatic rating and processing of declarations.
  • Genoa has faster, more efficient claims resolution with real-time status updates and flexible self-service reporting tools.
  • Analysis reports can be generated in HTML, PDF or Excel.

Why Control the Insurance?

The only way to properly protect a business involved in trade is to benefit from marine cargo insurance. Through the transfer of risk, a company can control, anticipate and allocate known expenses; instead of facing an unexpected loss.

Nacora will assist you in having the peace of mind that the correct insurance is in place. And, when there is a loss, a knowledgeable and responsive staff will work on your behalf and communicate in the respective language.

Nacora is able to offer other specialized coverage, including:

  • Exhibition coverage
  • FDA Rejection Insurance
  • ATA Carnets
  • US Customs Bonds
  • Bid and Performance Bonds
  • Inland Transportation (Domestic)
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