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Nacora Insurance Brokers Limited of Hong Kong was established on 1 March 1989.  Over the last three decades, Nacora Hong Kong has been serving different types of industries for commercial customers from small medium size to global conglomerate listed in Hong Kong & USA. 

Hong Kong is one of the largest trading economies in the world.  By nature of business environment, Nacora Hong Kong has focused on developing trade related insurance products, i.e. marine cargo, export trade credit & products liability insurance.

For marine cargo, Nacora Hong Kong possess extensive experience of arranging cover for client from simply general cargo, bulk cargo, high value cargo, complex advanced technology machinery to project cargo (such as hotel logistics / production plant).

香港德安保險經紀有限公司成立於1989年3月1日。在過去的三十年, 香港德安一直為商業客戶提供各種類型行業服務,從中小型企業到香港和美國上市的全球企業集團。



Nacora Hong Kong not only has rich knowledge on marine cargo, but also possess full spectrum portfolio by providing services of life and non-life insurance products.


These include personal line as well as tailor-made commercial packages ranging from individual & family protection all the way up to multinational corporate risk management. 


Nacora Hong Kong is part of an extensive network comprising over 100 offices in 25 countries around the globe.


Contact details

Our global presence local service, Nacora Hong Kong will be there to provide service and support you need through our network.

Telephone Number: 852 2823 7788

Office Address:
Room 2504, 25/F
Manhattan Place
23 Wang Tai Road
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

全球運营, 本地服務, 香港德安將通過我們的網絡, 為您提供所需的服務和支持。

電話: 852 2823 7788
公司地址:  香港九龍灣23號宏泰道25樓2504室


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