Aviation Insurance

Anyone working in the aviation industry knows that a higher degree of care is required to sustain operations and stay competitive. Expectations can run high to ensure superior levels of service are delivered by supply partners who you rely on to get the job done. At Nacora, we understand the complexities of aviation insurance and our specialists guide you through every step of the process to find solutions that meet all of your business needs.

With over 40 years experience and access to insurance underwriters worldwide, our dedicated professionals have the knowledge and resources to offer you optimum policy coverage and exceptional customer service. We invite you to take advantage of the following benefits:

Team of Aviation Specialists

  • Access to more aviation insurance companies
  • Free insurance inspection and risk analysis annually, in person where possible
  • Multiple, written quotations provided every year
  • Alternate coverage's and limits available
  • Property insurance and all other coverage's arranged
  • Low premium financing terms with 12 equal monthly installments
  • Access to our Account Executives 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Claims reporting and claims following
  • 24 hours claims service

Commercial Aviation

In Canada, commercial aviation operators frequently have varied exposures as well as distinctive insurance requirements. Nacora Insurance Brokers works with you to secure the right coverage and align it with your unique business functions.

  • Aircraft hull and liability
  • Aviation general liability

    • Premises liability (bodily injury and property damage, including damage to aircraft of others)
    • Hangar-keeper's liability (damage to aircraft of others in insured's care, custody and control)
    • Aviation products liability (worldwide)

  • Non-owned aircraft hull and liability
  • War risks hull and liability
  • Aircraft spare parts
  • Tenant's legal liability
  • Personal injury liability
  • Contingent employer's liability

Our Clientele

At Nacora, we believe in providing the best insurance opportunities to all aircraft owners and aviation operations. We can handle everything from hot air balloons to private aircraft to corporate jets and airlines.

• Business Jets

• Esso, Shell and independent fuel dealers

• Helicopters

• Fixed based operators

• Passenger charter and cargo operators

• Maintenance facilities

• Flight Training operations

• Private aircraft

• Manfacturers

• Hot air balloons

• Airports

• Air shows

• Tenants on airports

• Festivals

Non-Aviation Coverage

A broad range of insurance policies that extend beyond standard aviation-related business segments is essential for many commercial enterprises. Nacora offers clients comprehensive options that encompass these diverse operational components.

Property insurance, including aircraft hangars, equipment, contents, customers' goods, stock, in-transit

  • Non-owned automobile liability
  • Damage to hired vehicles
  • Director's and Officer's liability
  • Environmental impairment liability
  • Automobile insurance
  • Crime insurance
  • Cargo insurance (shipping goods)
  • Employee Group Benefits
  • Receivables insurance
  • Bonds