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Clear Cyber Risk

Clear Cyber Risk

The use of the internet, IT applications and operational technology poses many risks.
Companies and consumers are facing challenges and uncertainties in connection with data processing.

Cyber insurances protect businessesagainst risks of

financial losses due to computer crime

computer attacks

accidental damage and destruction or operational errors

Key cover elements

Cyber liability

  • Protects your business against lawsuits as a result of privacy breaches
  • Data breaches
  • Failure to protect sensitive data on your computer systems
  • Electronic Media such as copyright infringement

First party coverages

  • protects your own damage
  • business interruption and extra expenses
  • Loss or damage to electronic data
  • Cyber extortion

NACORA Cyber Risk assessment

Designed to support our customersto better understand and reduce their exposure to data and cyber risks.

For further information on comprehensive cyber risk protection insurance, please reach out to the local NACORA office in your country

How to protect yourself from cyberattacks

A few simple ways to protect yourself from cyberattacks:

Install anti-virus software
Update your computer system regularly
Make sure the programs you install come from secure sources 
Backup your data regularly
Choose secure passwords and keep your access data secret
Never click on attachments or links in suspicious emails
Do not share personal information with persons you do not know

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