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Clear Logistics

Clear Logistics

Being in the logistics industry means liability exposure. And NACORA can help you manage your risk. It is our business.

The best way to manage your risk is by organizing your operations to meet the services you promise. The second very important step is to contract smart. This means ensure that your services are always subject to standard terms and conditions, so your liability is limited.

Then there is insurance that picks you back up when you fall. We offer an insurance product that covers your core business:

Cargo liability: legal and contractual liability towards your customers for loss of / damage to cargo

E&O liability: pure financial loss liability towards your customers

Costs: costs for redirection of misdirected shipments and other mitigation and defense costs (e.g. survey fees and legal fees)

The cover can be extended to meet your specific needs as a logistics operator, such as cover for cargo carrying equipment or customs liability.

Cover is clear.
It is Clear Logistics.

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Insurance cover only proves it value, when it comes to claims… This is where NACORA delivers its added value as an insurance broker with a Logistics background. A worldwide network of logistics liability claims experts will support you when things go wrong. Managing your risk is our business!

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