Global Insurance Solutions

Multinational programs

Multinational programmes

Global presence

More and more businesses have a global footprint and have strategic views to expand into new territories around the globe.  The changing landscape has a significant effect on the insurance buying strategy of any business. NACORA supports you in purchasing tailor made insurance solutions to meet your business requirements, taking into account the changing insurance laws and regulations.

Global Programme structures

Integrated local policy (coverage is to a good local standard in the country the policy is issued)

Master policy usually has a broader wording and includes Difference in Conditions (DIC), Difference in Limits (DIL) or Financial Interest coverage

Compliant with local laws due to the fact that legislation and regulations differ from country to country

Close collaboration between insured, broker and insurer to ensure efficient administration of your multinational insurance programme

Lines of business not only include property or liability but also specialized offerings

Clear Risk View

Clear Risk View Assessment “Identify, quantify, recommend”

  • Understand your business model and insurance needs 
  • Analysis of your insurance portfolio
  • Determination of your risk appetite 
  • Efficient and high quality service and expertise
  • Quantifying risk exposure and premium levels
  • Designing customised solutions that meet compliance requirements

Benefits of a global programme

  • Local claims payout-certainty due to local policies
  • Centrally managed
  • Compliance with local laws
  • Financial interest clause protects balance sheet of parent company

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Benefits to the insured

Creating solutions for Multinational Programmes under consideration of applicable regulatory requirements is an area of expertise for NACORA. 

NACORA insurance experts are on hand to help you determine which solution best suits your specific business needs and risk profile.
For further information on multinational insurance programmes, please reach out to the local NACORA office in your country

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