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Clear Trade Credit

Clear Trade Credit

Take time to think about a sudden, unexpected bad debt loss suffered from a longstanding major customer!

Liquidity can be seriously affected!

It will be hard to pay your bills, suppliers and your employees’ wages

Confidence in good development can be disrupted

How can you easily prevent such a scenario?
Simply talk to the NACORA experts on how best to secure your trade receivables.

Trade Credit Insurance supports your business by:

  • Analyzing key customers who can pay their bills!
  • Setting credit limits and payment terms for key buyers!
  • Push your sales by granting new customers immediate credit terms instead of paying in advance!
  • Compensation if insured buyers fail to pay their bills
  • Use trade credit insurance as a collateral to support your financing structure

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Nataliya Spetruk
Global Business Development Trade Credit

Christian Obst
Head of Trade Credit

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